Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School Pride

Mason has school pride for his "house" at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry (oh his "real" school too).

My little medium man is such a fan of the Harry Potter books.  We've read the first two and are on the third.  I have a rule that if any book is (ruined as all books are) in a movie, he must read it first.  It is easily his favorite time of the day and always there are cheers for "more, more, more" before I kiss him goodnight.

Being all things Mason, he needed "things" that were Harry Potter-ish.  Actually, he is more of a Weasley fan and insists that I act like Mrs. Weasley and make him buns soon.  He thinks it would be so great if I could have a knitting spell like her.  I agree!

Thus, a very Gryffiindor sweater was made.

I used the TAMA pattern by Kelly Brooker.  It is fantastic and organized by different weights which makes it so easy to read.  Considering I've already have an order for a Ravenclaw one to be made by the oldest, I'm sure I'll be knitting it lots more times. 

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  1. nice Potter-ish sweater!!! and look at that smile! obviously a happy recipient!