Sunday, June 10, 2012


::Summer is here at full blast and we have lots of things to do!

::Last weekend was a horse show.  Saturday I spent with my mom and my barn pals watching and cheering on.

While Nathan had the boys all day to himself.  A good hike started the day out right for them.

Sunday of the show was Mason's show day and more cheering on of the pals.

Mason really loves to ride. Both of the big boys do and I imagine that Logan won't be far behind.  I look forward to the day where one (or more) of my crew can have those fun, special barn days that I always had with my mom. 

::The week progressed with swimming lessons.  Apparently my water-bug boys have totally forgotten to swim over the winter.  It looks like I need to find some indoor lessons next year.  Hopefully over our summer vacation in Florida, my mom and I can catch them up.

Summer school is a favorite time of the day for the boys.  They are enjoying doing different things to keep their academic progress progressing.  Plus, lots of play time and crafting time too.  Boy, are they messy!

::My porch redo is almost done.  I just need to touch up some paint.  We've used it a lot this week with the cooler temps.   I'm so glad we did it!  Thank you Pinterest.

::I've been consumed by my first quilt.  I'm sure it would have been a good idea to do something smaller but I don't need any small blankets.  I've got a ton of those thanks to all of the small people in my house.  This one will be a full/queen sized one.  I've got all the rest of the strips ready to be put into blocks.  I still have to make another trip to the store for the backing, batting, and edging.  Nathan is looking forward to getting our bedroom back.  Quilting is messy.

::The week finished with an impromptu bonfire and camping.  Smores and movies and sleeping outside.

::Summer fun. 

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