Monday, June 25, 2012


Sweet, creative, and complex little Mason turned the big FIVE last week.

He has been anticipating this day since he was just a wee four year old.

To celebrate this, as we did with his older brother, we had a party.  A large party.  Not really a birthday party (well maybe) but more of a BBQ.

He is famous for being one who can not make up his mind because there are just "so many possibilities mommy!" so we went with the "favorite things" route.  He got to pick all of the unmatched napkins and plates he desired and of course he got to pick his cake. 

A garden cake complete with worms and maggots (he wanted lice).

It was epic to him.  He had the ultimate say in just about everything...from the drinks to the eats (beef jerky - of course!) to the cake.  He shopped for it all while insisting certain stores had better this or that. We kept the food very simple with only the staples since we were feeding the lot that came and it worked out just great.  I'm pretty sure no one left hungry or thirsty. 


Since we invited a lot of families (over 65 people came!!) we decided to boycott the usual birthday flare of goody bags and games and just have lots of w i l d free play.  I set up little centers:  farm and animals - complete with a corn table, dress up, and balls with a soccer goal.  It was very easy as I just brought all of our stuff that we play with every day outside.  I had no idea how many kids would love to dress up in all kinds of weird things.  There was imaginative play all over which was perfect - as it was just like our little Mason.

I didn't pick up my camera all night and only managed to get 5 pictures!  I wished I caught kids in their get-ups.  It would have made for some great laughs when they are older.

The clean up wasn't too bad either.  I'm sure the squirrels are even fatter than before. 


  1. You are so creative, and Mason is hilarious! I cannot believe he's already five! <3