Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am supposed to show last days of school

Reminisce about how much my babies grew this school year

What our summer will look like

All the sweet knits I've been working on

But that would be typical.

Instead, I thought I'd show a scene from today.  A typical one. 

Logan:  (remember he doesn't talk)...singing the Starwars Theme song....

Mason:  Really Logan, I like the dragon one.

Logan:  ....singing his own version of what a shield would sound like...

Mason:  Captain America Dragon?  Logan - You can be anything you want.  It doesn't matter.  A cape is just great.

Logan:  ...(giggle)...singing his version of what a sword would sound like...

Mason:  You're the best "browder "

Yes my dear boy.  A cape is great.

(ps...Nana, I don't have any gloves.  I am supposed to have gloves when I am in space)

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