Monday, December 5, 2011

crossed eyed and hiding

I feel how Mason looks...crossed eyed and hiding.
-I can't seem to sit down and blog about anything. I do actually have things I could blog about too.

-Thanksgiving came and went.  It was nice to see family and have the boys play on the farm. They needed the farm air.  They enjoyed getting in the muck with some cows. 

-Decorations are up.  Many are down thanks to the red armed bandit.  Our tree is sad looking with all of the ornaments on the top. 

-Most of my Christmas knitting is done.  Actually all of my "scheduled" gift knitting is.  I'm sure I'll panic and think of something else I'll have to frantically do.

-My good camera is still at the Nikon shop. No word on how long. My not-so-good Point and Shoot is missing.  So are two of my doll rods in my yarn winding wheel.  I fear the red armed bandit has struck again.  The house has been totally torn apart looking for both of them.  I fear the trash. 

-The big boys and I had a date on Saturday to see Puss In Boots.  It was fun.  I was reminded of why I don't see movies -gosh that was expensive!  I was also reminded why I'm shopping local, Etsy, or Amazon.  The people were not in the Christmas mood.  I'm pretty sure of the gestures the boys saw were not in celebration of the upcoming special day.

-We rode the Santa Train yesterday.  It was fun.  It was cramped. The big boys couldn't think of what to tell Santa they wanted.  It was very scary for the red armed bandit. 

-The red armed bandit will be The Red Armed Bandit no more tomorrow.  The smelly cast will come off.  He'll just be the bandit then.  One less weapon in his arsenal. 

-It hasn't slowed down since before Thanksgiving.  My list is so long  I'm not sure where to begin. 

If I could only find my camera...

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