Friday, October 7, 2011

Broken camera

My favorite toy is broken. Golly I love my camera.  Based on what I've read in my manual, I think it is the shutter release.  It has kept me from posting here all week.   

So have my kids.

My house.  My house is in organization mode.  Since my family uses every square inch of it, order is very necessary.  I really like this new blog I stumbled upon.  I'm a fan of "real life" organized homes. 

And (although you are not supposed to start a sentence with an "and") my dog.  My dog I found having a very violent seizure on the carpet (of all places).  His head was thumping so hard I could hear him from across the house.  Poor thing.  It wasn't like how my sweet Dani (rest her sweet soul) had.  This was a bit more scarry.  He was whacko when he finished. 

I've managed to capture of few happenings with my ever ready phone.  It has been such a nice week.  We've been busy playing outside, adventuring for leaves (made lots of beeswax dipped leaves) and enjoying this October summer. 

Logan likes to wear masks.

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  1. Nooooo, not your camera!! :cry: Have you sent it off yet?