Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yarn along

Participating in Ginny's at Small Things where we share our weekly knits and reads.

Last week I missed my first yarn along while my family was on vacation. While we were at our sunny and warm destination, I began working on a Stripes Study shawl. I so love this. I am a fan of simple garter stitch and with the little element of short rows, it is fun and easy to make. Perfect for picking up here and there which seems to be the best kind of knit for me. I had to use my phone for my weekly picture as my computer is in the shop and my connectors for the ipad are not here yet.

I'm still working through Yarn Harlot' Knitting Rules! and am enjoying it as well. I think it is also great for picking up here and there and squeezing a few pages in those few moments during the day. My boys are really into the Magic Tree House's chapter books. We read book 3 while we were away and they are eager for the next one. Buying books via Kindle on Amazon for the Ipad is getting too easy so I think a trip to the library is in order.

Looking forward to reading some Yarn Alongs!

sorry for the huge picture. I'm not to smooth on woring the ipad lol!


  1. My boy's loved the Magic Tree House books too. I love when children love to read. The colors you are using for your shawl are great- they make me think of summer.

  2. The shawl looks terrific!! My kids enjoyed Magic tree house too, but we certainly didn't get through all of them :). Another proponent for Yarn Harlot! It must go on my list :).

  3. wow! is all i can say......
    much love, d.

  4. I love your shawl! It's stunning!

    We love the Magic Treehouse books here big time and I am just going to start Knitting Rules!

    Hope your vacation was great!

  5. It's beautiful! I love the aubergine and cream together!

  6. Your shawl is wonderful! I am a huge fan of the garter stitch myself (especially while vacationing!).

  7. The older I get the more I love and appreciate garter stitch. Your shawl is amazing!

  8. the shawl looks great. so simple, so classic and those two colors together are perfect!