Tuesday, March 1, 2011


1.  My baby is still one.  He had his 1 year old Dr. appointment today.  That confirms it.

2.  My pantry is a mess.  Somehow junk has crept back into my house.  Stupid coupons and store deals.  My family is going no processed food - even cereal - for a least a month.  I know some families do this all the time.  I want to be like them.  We have enough meat in our freezer to last us quite a while too.  Just essential dairy (insert no ice cream, dear) and veggies and fruits.  It should be interesting.

3.  It is March.  February is over and we found green life sprouting from the ground that isn't moss.

4.  Logan is very, very good at touching buttons.

5.  Last week, Mason wore jeans for the first time since the early fall.  Monumental.  His knees are "medium" enough now, he says, to wear them without the jeans hurting them when he plays.  Whatever that means I'm going with it.  He styled it with a super hero shirt that was so big it came to said knees. Again, going with that too.

6.  We get to go to Florida this month.

7.  I've read The Enormous Crocodile so many times this week I hear it in my sleep.  The boys like my voices too much.  Audiobooks are starting to wear off on me.

8.  I rubbed baby oil on Logan's head today instead of olive oil for his cradle cap.  The dog liked to lick his head too much with the olive oil. 

9. I hate laundry and it hates me.

10.  Baby boys are really, really messy.

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  1. Logan looks like a pirate. I want to be just like you and have no processed food for a month but I think I need to wait until after birthdays. Tell me about your trip to Florida so I can pretend I'm you!