Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A favorite toy

I love it when a toy will last for three kids...and the same kids can play with it at the same time!  We've had our Sand and Water Table (newer version here) since Reagan was little and it has served us so well.  If a new parent was looking for a great toy to buy, I always suggest this.  When it isn't gross with mud and sand, it can come in. We fill it with water when it is a bit warmer out but too cold for the pool or when the sand it all used up, corn.  I think my boys would argue to which they like better to play with - corn or water.  Having a farming Pop keeps the corn always supplied. 

With the warmer weather, we got the table out for Logan to have a go at it for the first time.  Intstantly, the big boys flocked to it and played all day with it. I love to watch them have conversations with all the resturant patrons and emergency animal feedings they come up with. 

I also really like that my oldest can pick the mouthful of corn out of the babies mouth.  A good skill to have when their mother would rather be taking pictures of them. 

Aww.  Mason (about 14 m. here) loved it so much.  He looked like this all summer -a ratty cloth diaper, sun shirt and mud.

Why yes mommy, my mouth is full of corn.  Who wants to change that diaper?
Such a good big brother to fish old corn out of a little mouth.

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