Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yarn Along Wednesday

I have so many things I can actually blog about but since they are gifts for people who might actually read this, I can't even share how excited I am about them!  I've learned that lesson when I blogged about making my Nana a special sweater - only to have her email me asking if she was the "Nana" I was referring to!

Last week I was working on an hourglass sweater.  I finished it in 7 days.  I knitted every spare chance I had and having an awful cold and a sweet husband, I was able to finish it with time to spare. After assessing my Christmas inventory, I've decided, at the last minute again, that something else is needed.  I'm currently working on a Baktus in Malabrigo sock yarn.  It should be easily wearable and cozy.  This is my third Lacy Baktus and I do like how fast and versatile they are.

Because I am knitting like a crazy fool (nothing really new here), I'm not reading any current 'print' novels.  I'm still devoring books on Ipod though.  I am going to start reading, Painting With Children, since my two oldest love to paint and ask to do it all the time.  Even though I highly encourage free lance artistry, I think a little more guidance might be nice.  They are currently really enjoying some new winter books I added to my basket.  The Tomten and The Tomten and the Fox.  They are fantastic!  So magical without being in your face about it and leaving lots for the imagination and questions.  I had to get them since they are what Elizabeth Zimmerman based my favorite sweater, the Tomten, from.  It was quite fitting since I've knitted three of them!
Happy Knitting and Reading!


  1. beautiful yarn!
    I've been knitting like a crazy woman and I soo hope to have some of it done in time!

  2. OOoh.... lovely. And now I want to read those books too! (apparently we also have art in common;))

  3. I just love malabrigo yarn, you chose such a lovely colorway :)

  4. I've been looking for some good winter books for the little ones, so I added the Tomten books to my wish list (and good idea with the audio books! I'm going to give that a try).

  5. ooh gorgeous yarn :) We just requested a copy of The Tomten from the library and can't wait to get it :) Hope you are feeling much better :)

  6. Pretty, pretty yarn! I think I'd be a knitting fool with that gorgeousness in my hands too! lol!