Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas programs

Today was quite a busy day. With the treat of a stomach virus possibly stopping all things in motion, we managed to get through it.

I had my Mom's Group Christmas brunch at the Allerton's Mansion in town.  It was lovely as ever with the grounds all covered in a perfect white blanket and statues looking as though they were slumbering in the snow.  The fellowship and meal was very sweet and a bit chilly but so nice to end the first semester in a tranquil, easy morning.

This evening the boys had a their school program.  Reagan's class was cows and Mason's class was sweet little men ( I think!) .  Reagan had a line to memorize and lots of songs to sing.  He still doesn't understand that his little line was funny and that people were not laughing at him in a bad way.  How does one explain that?   4 of his 11 classmates were out sick tonight so their herd was quite small.

Mason was so nervous before he had to 'preform' -  it was quite cute.  He was confused about the fake baby Jesus lying in a basket.  As soon as I went to get him, he confided to me that it was all wrong.  The baby was supposed to be real and in a manger with straw and hay, not a basket. 

It went really well and was very cute.

If you would like to see them perform, you can see Reagan here and Mason here.  I do warn you though...I did not inherit my mother's ability to video tape well.  Motion sickness may occur.  Watch at your own risk. 

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