Thursday, December 30, 2010


After more than a week traveling and Christmas-ing-we are finally home and getting ready to work on a new winter rhythm.  Preparing for the 'event' with the little boys was fun.  The anticipating, the crafting, the waiting, the potential of being on the naughty list, all brought us a December full of fun. 

We first traveled to Nathan's family home for 2 Christmas gatherings and present giving (and getting).  We were lucky with the weather (especially as it came it as we were leaving) and the boys really enjoyed the quiet and party time we had there.


We came home for a brief 24 hours for Christmas Eve service and for Santa to arrive.  The boys decided to (again) put an apple out for Santa instead of cookies.  "Something healthier" for him was their reason.  Carrots were for the reindeer although Mason ate most of them before he went to bed.  Christmas morning we opened our presents and played for a while before heading to my parent's house for a couple of days.
When we arrived at my parent's house, my brothers and sister-in-law were ready for some Christmas fun.  They all spoiled my boys.  It was fun!  I think my youngest brother, Brandon, was quite jealous of what he gave Mason.  He really wanted it for himself.  
We spent the rest of the week snuggling, watching movies, playing with the new toys, building with playdough and gingerbread.  

It was a great Christmas.  Now we get to work on doing things like remembering how to take naps and sleep through the night...and finding a place for everything new we got.   I think I need an addition to the home for all the fun dress-up clothes we acquired.  Mason should be able to remain in "character"- daily. 

(But I am a little glad and sad it is over.)

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