Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A s l o w WIP Wednesday

Is it only Wednesday?  It is almost over here as I quickly post this but it feels like it should be Friday.

I've been tediously working on Reagan's Tomten.  It is ever sooo sllloooowww.  The yarn, Cestari Fine Merino, is great once it is worn and broken it.  Even so soft and totally durable.  It is, however, hard to knit with.  It just doesn't move well on the needles and so hard on the fingers.  I don't know how I've knitted this and at least 25 pairs of pants with it.  I'll be ever so happy once this is done!  Talk about a labor of love!

My sweet boy is looking forward to it.  He knows how much I've worked on it for him and luckily, he is a bit sentimental already and feels attached to it like he was with last year's model.

Just the sleeve, edging, afterthought pockets, zipper, and button left.  Ha.  That actually is a lot!

To give my fingers a break I also started on a pair of longies for Logan.  Poor child has not one pair!  That is just wrong! I've had this colorway, Lion Cub, from Dashing Dachs for a long time just waiting for another babe to put it on.  Once I finish this sweater, Logan might have to have some more...after my planned frantic hat knitting I have next week! 

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