Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct. 15, 2010

Did you know what happened on Oct. 15, 2010?  If you lived in this house, you would.  It was -finally- the day that "How To Train A Dragon" came out.

If you knew my middle child, Mason, you would know why this date was so important.  He has been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this day like 'forever' now. 

While waiting for this momentous day, we have read, debated, collected, hoarded, played, surfed the net for every bit of dragon information we can.  Plus, he has worn a dragon shirt almost everyday of his life.  Wearing a uniform has been very challenging.

"Mama - what dragon do you like the best? "

"I like the Terrible Terror Mase.  Who do you like?"

"I think I like the Montrous Nightmare today the best."

"Mama what day is today?"

"Oct. 1"

"This is taking forever!"

and then finally.  It was here. 

We set up the projector and made it a special movie night.  I even let them have food on my carpet. 

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  1. you are such a cool mom! Really! We too watched the movie Friday and it was the first time. I too let my kids eat in front of the tv but it was so I wouldn't have a meltdown, not because I'm cool- what a special mom you are!!!