Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My little friend

I'm not sure how I lived without an Iphone.  She is so wonderful.  It is like the whole world in your hand. 

I've become quite reliant on her especially when I have to take 'my three son's' places.  A diaper bag, stroller, sippy cups, snacks, jackets, so much to lug that I just don't have enough space, arms, or strength to take nice hands on activities or manipulatives to play with.  I'm at the point now, that 'she' has to come out to help me especially when we are stuck in a 4*4 foot cell (aka dr. office).  

So I've slowly been accumulating apps to help this poor mom out.  Here are my kids' favorites:

Matching Zoo
Super Why!
Dino Math
Dog Party (Martha Speaks)
Diego Music
Grover's Daily Special
Dragon Game
Dragon Mix and Match
Cars Match
Dino 360
Dino Surf
Fairies Lite
Toy Mania
Flame It
PBS Photofactory

Now I also am a H U G E fan of audio books and ibooks for kids.  When my boys get to use 'her', they most often choose to read a book.  I love doesn't make me feel so bad to rely on her.  Their favorites are:
Reading Bug
Dragon Book
Elmo's Birthday
Cat In The Hat

I have some for me of course but I don't use them too much.  I do really like Hipstamatic though.  I love to take pictures (and so does my Reagan) so this is just fun to use! 

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