Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Now that I've finished my last custom (for quite a while), I can really get cracking on this season's Tomten.  Reagan picked the colors and design so I'm plugging along on it. I sure hope it fits like last year's did.  That was perfect for him and he wore it all the time. 

Also on some little needles are yet another pair of mitts.  I really like making them.  They used to scare me as I am not a fan of dpn's.  This is my first time really using 9" circs.  After I get my rhythm with them, they go pretty fast.  DPNs seem not to agree with my day time grab and go knit a few stitches lifestyle.    These are the Green Thumb pattern.  It is knitting up nicely.  I've had this yarn for about 4 years.  It was supposed to be a vest of some sort but it just was too fussy looking for me.  I think they'll be pretty.  If I knit them again and I probably will (or some variation), the wrist portion's length is not long enough for me.  I'd (I'll) add an inch or two.

Happy knitting!

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