Monday, September 6, 2010

Store Announcement

Well...if you made it to the bottom of my HC store page, you will have noticed that there is quite a lot listed and you are right, there is!

I've have come to the conclusion, after much thought, some tears, and a bit of prayer that I need to close my store, Tree Frog Knits.  It has been a really hard decision but one that I am confident that is right for me and my family.  With the change in our family- the new baby...the new job...I simply can not do it all anymore.

Little Logan was not in the plan at the time he came.  He was always in my mind for the future but I wasn't sure when that really was going to be.  And now that my dear husband is gone - a lot - with his new dream job, I'm left to be mommy and daddy and housekeeper and repairman and chauffeur and fixer of all woes that dyeing yarn late into the night/early morning on a weekly basis just does not make it onto my to do list anymore.  Being a (slight) perfectionist with some things in life, it just wasn't working well for me.  I do not want to be the mother I was having to be so I could get things done.  I didn't want my kids to 'have' to watch a movie so I could count, dye, email, photograph, stir, wash, and reskein yarn.  It just wasn't fair to anyone and in the end, not worth it to me anymore.  I am looking forward to the extra time I'll have to spend doing all the things a mother needs to do and to continue to happily knit (and blog about it)  every second I can spare!  Hopefully with this extra time, I can start to work on all of the knit designs that are floating about my head and offer them at great prices and unlimited use. 

So... I will be stocking what I've worked on over the months NOW and will be doing so until Dec. 1 when I officially close my 'doors'.  Look for semi-custom slots coming soon too! 

My dear sweet Sarah, who I love so much and has been my greatest friend, will still be providing the crafting world with her lovely yarns and knits.  I'm not sure what she has decided to do yet with the store and I think neither has she.  Whatever it is, it will be fabulous, beautiful, and full of class and grace.

If you are sweet and took the time to read all of these muddled thoughts, you get a prize!  Use the coupon code: IJUSTLOVE2KNIT when you check out at Tree Frog Knits and receive 20% off your purchase. :)  This is good until Friday, September 10.

Happy knitting!


  1. If you can identify what is realistic and what is most important to you at different times in your life, you will be satisfied. The best and best of luck and happiness to you! And thanks for the code!!

  2. Oh no!! I'm so sad to hear this!! But I totally understand where you're coming from!!
    Wishing a wonderful Mama and artist all the best!!
    Thank you for the code! :)

  3. Oh Kristi - I'm sure this was a hard decision for you! I know how much you love to do all that! But you're making the right decision - since it feels like the right thing to do for YOU! I give you so much credit for realizing that! You are SUPERMOM! You have three of the cutest little guys & they are so blessed to have you as their Mommy!