Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Horse Show

This weekend, my boys (and mom) participated in a horse show held at the fair grounds not too far from here. 

Reagan loves, I mean really, really loves horses - especially 'his' horse, Renegade.  We all love him too.  The perfect family horse.  Perfectly quiet.  Perfectly safe.  Perfectly fun.

Mason decided he wanted to go too so he did the stick horse class.  It is a silly class where all the little ones at the show get their trusted stick horse, hat, and boots and have a class in the show area.  The music is played, the announcer tells them what to do, and they chase the ring master around while giggling uncontrolably.  It is quite adorable. Of course the judge can not figure out who would actually win a class like this so they all get fancy blue ribbons and bags full of goodies. 

Next Reagan and Renegade had lead-line.  Such a cute class.  The small kids dress up head to toe in proper gear and ride in a class lead by a handler.  My mom get suckered into it as I wanted to take pics/video. 

I put the video up on YouTube of his class.  It is a long clip and full of my commentary to my middle child and my very unsteady hand!  Sorry about that :)

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