Tuesday, August 10, 2010

things progressing

It seems to be wildly busy lately.  School  is (thankfully) fast approaching and it seems that we hardly had much of a summer!  We all are already looking forward to next year when we can cover Logan in copious amounts of bug spray and sunblock and be outside again. 

This past weekend Nathan's parents visited us.  I used the chance to escape by making Nathan take me out to a movie and dinner.  We saw the latest Twilight movie.  I wanted an actual date rather than a couples trip to the grocery store :)

My dad stopped by yesterday and took my older two boys to my parent's house for the night.  It is my 3 year old's first time having a sleep over.  The house was amazingly quiet.  Logan slept forever during his nap with no cowboys/princes/paleontologists/pirates/mechanics/authors/artists/vikings to wake him up!
 I've been working a lot lately with my dyes and needles.  My flickr has been quite busy!  I am so happy to be almost completely done with knitting custom knits.  I really lost my knitting for others mojo.  With Nathan being gone all the time and having to do it all by myself, there just isn't enough blocked time in my day.  Add to that a baby...and my time away from family life is non-existent. 

So I finished up one large order and they both were fun to do.  Now I can start to focus on my never ending queue of patterns I want to make and start on my Christmas gifts.  I've started with:
 a simple stash busting dishcloth

A good start I think!

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  1. Your needles have been quite busy. I haven't decided what to knit yet, I find it hard to find cute patterns for boys!