Wednesday, August 18, 2010

last days of summer!

We had to celebrate the last days of summer yesterday...all day...with my mother since she starts teaching her sweet little first graders today!  The boys are quite jealous that someone else gets her.  Quite sad too that our impromptu plans we are always making are coming to an end too!

We decided to head to the Children's Museum.  It is such a wonderful and fun place.  Close to the museum is the Zoo.  Now it isn't much of a zoo.  So sad in fact that my animal loving boys aren't even asking to go inside and see the "guinea pig" exhibit (yes, it is that bad).  But...they do have an awesome play ground.  So one can swing on the monkey bars and see the monkeys and hear the birds and play like a bunch of wild animals.

As I was loading up my crew, I dropped my camera.  I said my first curse word in front on my kids (or at least that they could hear it).  Luckily. no one caught me and were as equally horrified that I dropped my prized possession.  It still seems to work but I did shatter my lens filter (the second time I've done this).  At least a new one is now on its way...along with a new lens that just hopped into my cart at B and H.   

So the rest of the day at the museum had to be Iphone pics.  Better than nothing I guess!

When we got home, I made them a nutritious dinner of popcorn, cheese, and yogurt (because mommy was tired) we got to have some of our favorite boys over to play!  Luckily they are great friends and didn't mind that my house looked like 3 bombs went off. 


  1. looks like so fun. I wish I had known you were going so I could have given you my passes to the museum AND the zoo. You don't like this Zoo? I think it's great. But I've only ever been to a few zoos.

    we have popcorn for dinner, with extra butter for some dairy more often than we should. Atleast you had real dairy products that could actually be considered healthy!

  2. Glad your camera is ok I understand how scared you were. My camera is my most prized possession too.
    what lens did you get?

  3. I got a 35 mm 1:2D. I'm looking forward to figuring it out!