Monday, August 23, 2010

On and off the needles

I've been busy clicking away on a variety of projects.  All of them have been fun, fast, and more the pleasant to work on.  With my shipment of yarn expected to arrive any day now, I'll have to put my needles (mostly) down while I tackle my coop order. 

But for now, I'll continue to happily work away every second I can get.

My Oatmeal sweater is now blocked and finished.  I so love it.  The yarn is great but not as soft as I was assuming.  I was planning on making Logan a mini-me version of it.  Fat babies in bulky yarn are extra cuddly but I think this might bother him.  So the three skeins I bought in yellow for him will be made into something else.  I already know who and what it will be.  Definitely a Christmas gift!

My sweet neighbor, in her mature age, wears sweaters in the 90 degree humid heat so I think a Batkus is  perfect Christmas gift for her. I'm knitting this with a prima cotton from Araucania Pomaire Multy.  I really like it. I'm not a cotton yarn person. Wool is my first and true love but this is great to work with.  I can see why Shelley, aka Waldorfmama, would knit this pattern often.  It is really easy, knits fast, and makes a lovely little something.  I think I'll take her notion and keep one always going on the needles.  It just seems like a great gift to give. I might even have to cheat on my first love and get more Pomaire for those who might be afraid of my buttery wool. 

I also finished up a couple of pairs of Alice mitts and have started some Toasty mitts as well.  I have the lofty goal of knitting up all of my scraps in the two dresser drawers I have of them.  I do like these since I am able to ditch the dpn's and go to my 12" circ needles.  Super fast. Super mindless.  A perfect obsessive compulsive knitter's project.

Reagan requested, again, that I start on his Tomten sweater for the season.  He loved and wore his last year's Tomten often.  I can not tell you how much we both loved this sweater.  Even more, I loved it because it made him feel special in it.  I hope his new one has the same affect.

What are your projects this week?  Happy crafting!

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