Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to simplify!

I hope all of you mothers had a tremendously wonderful Mother's Day! I was lucky to spend it with my own mother (and father) and my precious babes. Even though our weekend was busy as always, we were home and busy just being us.

My babies made me a lovely large Mother's Day card (as they know I have an affection for all things made) that they both read to me and artfully decorated.

I made bread before starting at 6 pm on Sunday so I wasn't up waiting for my bread to rise a bunch of times before I could bake it. Plus I was able to sneak in a little knitting before 8:30 at night which was highly enjoyable for me and rare lately.

And I finally caught my littlest man's smile. Can't help but love little chubby boys!

I finished up the last of my dyed-for-sale yarn. After frantically working on this all week long and being disappointed that I couldn't get what I wanted because I am a mother of three little ones, I've decided that I need to simplify more. For me, I just can not let things go easily and I can't have yarn strewn undyed/dyed and chemicals to dye with all over the house. I just have too many eager helpers. I find it much more enjoyable to dye what my customer needs and work from there. It is more of a birthing of a project to start from scratch and I think that is the road I need to take for now.

I'll be opening slots for customs soon so fall wardrobes can be planned. If you contacted me before about getting on my customs' list, I'll be contacting you soon!

Have a great Monday! Wish us luck as we go to the Dr. to see if my oldest has pink eye!


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  1. I sure hope it is just allergies. The poor little thing. I know it was buggin him last week. Let me know if you need anything. I would love to have a play date soon.