Monday, May 17, 2010

garage sales, horses and shivering!

These 4 days have been busy for our family - yet again!  On Friday and Saturday, my good friend Lisa B. hosted a garage sale which I happily added merchandise too and "worked".  I love getting rid of things...almost too much!  It was fun and I loved having Lisa all to myself to get to know her even better.  

After the dust settled from that event, my family and I traveled just an hour and a half to see my mother's other "child", Vinnie, show in a horse show.  It has been lots of fun to watch him develop into a great prospect for her.  I hope they have years and years of fun as we did with his cousin, Renegade (who is now "retired" and Reagan's learning horse).  

But the best part of going to a horse show with little boys, other then when they get to participate in the actual show, is all the stuff that is there.

Reagan loves to feed and do chores.  He is just like his parents in that aspect.  I think he asked Mr. Sam a dozen times if it was time to feed yet. 

 A tongue always makes lifting a scoop of grain easier.
 Pushing the hay wagon.
 "Look Mom-I can tear it apart!"
 Vinnie enjoying the fruits of Reagan's labor.
 THIS is why Mason likes to come.  He was pretty sure that the blue Mack truck was employed by Dinoco and that The King must be around somewhere practicing.  Plus he gets his best-buddy Pop to take him all around and sit on every tractor there they can find.

How Logan enjoys the horse show.

This is also our last week of preschool.  It really has been such a fun year and we have been so blessed to become part of a fun little family within our class.  The end of the yarn picnic was held (for some odd reason) in beautiful 57 degree raining weather.  The boys were soaked as they romped and played in the mud puddles and Logan was held, as usual, by one of his fan club members, Liz.
Nathan has the week off as he prepares for his new job with EIi Lilly's Elanco Animal Health and the travel that will accompany that position.  He'll be working for me as we work on our home's rhythm so life can run as smoothly as can be when I take on some of his roles.  Painting, cleaning, playing, lots of knitting, a bit of dyeing and relaxing are all on the list of things to do!

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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know you better too! Thanks for all your help with the garage sale! I'm glad you made it to the horse show - I'm sure the boys loved it! See you soon!