Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!

With a busy weekend preparing for a new job...

A photo shoot (lol)...

and an impromptu trip to my parent's house.  My brother is in town for the week before he goes to Alaska!  We'll miss him! And boy, it is hot all of a sudden!  Gotta love midwest weather!
The Tea Leaves Cardy I've been working on day and night is finally finished!  I'm so happy with it!  Tessa Ann on Etsy is making perfect buttons and I'll post pics of it when it is all finished!  For now, I'm working on an Elizabeth Zimmermann blanket for my babe.  He seems to "need" one!
Happy Monday!!


  1. That is a gorgeous horse! Can't wait to see how the blanket turns out. And I second that on the midwest weather. It's HOT out! 90 here today!

  2. That second horse is amazing in color. I love it. I will have to meet your horses sometime. :)