Saturday, March 6, 2010

A long awaited welcome!

On Thursday, Feb. 25, at 8:00 to be exact, I was reading the epic adventures of Tarzan to the crew. I suddenly felt the tightest sensation that made me break into a sweat and say "oww". This continued here and there through out the night. By morning, I knew something was not right as it was more than Logan kicking the tar out of me. I was checked into Labor and Delivery and lo and behold, I was in labor. Finally, around 3:00 the contractions became stronger and more steady and I was scheduled for a c-section that night. This was not in my plans yet. I had things to do at home...projects left unfinished, laundry to be done, meals to plan, boys to love on.

Logan entered the world at 6:00 on the dot. He was an excellent crier and my end of the deal went pretty smooth (not counting the hour it took them to figure out what pain killers to use. Yes, it really hurts after a c-section). We were moved into our rooms and it was late and all were tired as most new parents are on the big day.

Not 18 hours later, after the boys finally got to meet this mysterious thing that made mommy's tummy do hilarious things, Logan was moved to the NICU. Luckily a nurse did not like the noises he was making in his lungs and took him right away.

The rest of the story goes surprisingly, exactly, terrifyingly like Mason's story did. He had a Pneumothorax that was large enough to have a chest tube; my poor baby had to have a tube in his chest. He also had to be on oxygen, under bilirubin lights, take antibiotics for pneumonia, and be exposed to countless x-rays, and come home with a battle wound.

After a long and exhausting week of mommy being away from home, our family needing help from all directions, and having to use untold amounts of patience, baby Logan got to come home 8 days after being born. 8 days in a life of a newborn doesn't seem like a long time...but to our family, it was an eternity of a week.

We look forward to starting our family of 5 with no more hiccups.


  1. OMG- HE is stunning to look at! I watched the slideshow twice. Those NICU pics are scary to see but with be special to have, especially as you tell him the story of his amazing journey into this world. The booties are precious and again, I believe so are so talented, gifted, and patient to even think about knitting! I saw two pics specifically that I saw Mason right away- who do you think he looks like so far?

    We all can't wait to meet him and hug on him too. Hang in there. We love you, Pyatts!!!

  2. Oh Katie. I'm so glad he is home. I hope you are snuggling him big time from all of his aunties <3

  3. He is so, so beautiful :) So happy he's home <3

  4. He is precious! Congrats to you and your family!

  5. He is beautiful! Congratulations! We are so excited for you all! We need to get together sometime soon! I can't believe it's been this long! Take care!

  6. He is so precious... Glad to hear you are all home! Please let us know how we can help! Congrats & cannot wait to meet him!