Monday, March 22, 2010

Where has my time gone!

I really have the intention to blog more as I find it kinda fun to write down what has been going on but we have been so busy that sitting down to type something out has been put to the last of the list!

We have been exceptionally busy with trying to get baby Logan well. Since he has been home, we have been to 9 doctor's appointments in two weeks! With having to travel at least 30 min. each way, usually with 2 other kids in tow, has been exhausting to say the least! This week we only have two and they are just to make sure everything is working rather than frantically trying to "fix" something for him! To make a long story short, Logan was not thriving nursing. He was loosing way too much weight and became too weak to even try and nurse. Pair that with a painfully botched circumcision (with repairs having to be stitched and cauterized) and the previous birth trauma, life was not good for my little man. Luckily we have enough medical professionals around to find out what was wrong and how to make him better. It has been decided that Logan has a "lock jaw" or a jaw that is unable to open wide enough to nurse. This means that mommy gets to pump to feed him from a bottle and that therapy for later life is certainly needed. Now that it is settled and he is eating well, he has made leaps in bounds in a week. His color is better, his circ. is healing, and he is a great calm baby. We are very blessed that of all of the set backs he has had in his 24 days of life that we are finally on our way to a normal daily life.

With in these last two weeks, we've tried to finish as many projects as we could! Reagan and I finally finished our recycled crayon activity. We plan to place the remade crayons in Easter eggs for his class exchange and give some to his very 'bestest; boyfriend Alaric. We also finished our play silks for pretend play. We had fun trying to figure out how to make a cape look like fire for our special friend who is addicted to all things firefighter. He is looking forward to sending them in the mail as a special surprise.

And finally, I finished some partially completed projects for a stocking. I did a new colorway based on some beautiful yarn from Anna Maria in her Playground collection. I can't wait to find some more time to work on new fibers and new colorways. I'm going to keep one for myself and see if I can get a sweater done for Easter or for Logan's baptism.

Tree Frog Knits stocks this Wednesday night. Sarah and I have some beautiful knits and delicious yarns if you need a little spring in your yarn collection!


  1. Oh he is just precious! Glad to hear you've figured out his health issues and that he is doing much better! Cannot wait for the HC stocking, so many lovely & beautiful things!

  2. thanks!!! :) Glad you see something ya like :)

  3. I can't show Alaric this blog post but he is going to FREAK OUT! Reagan is such a great friend!!!