Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I got tricked, big time

For about 2 weeks, I've been stressing over an event my darling husband said I needed to attend. It was an event that could lead to a move which had my hormonal emotional pregnant state in such a fit is misery, I literally cried about it at least once a day.

Little did I know, and I didn't know anything, it was all an elaborate trick. Even my neighbor, who was supposed to babysit for us, was in on the deal. I think I am still in shock. I'm just now not mad at my husband, lol!

Anyway...I was so surprised by a fabulous gang of friends! A baby shower for my little man to be. I can't even describe how sweet and special it was. For my first two babies, we were very much alone in the barren lands of Indiana so it was just so special and surprising to me. Nathan could see, by the display of friendship and motherly love, how upset I was at the possibility of uprooting our family and moving away from such wonderful people. I am truly blessed! Crying now...have to stop, lol! Thank you ladies.

::special things for baby and me::

::Even the boys got some great new things to play with::

Katie has more on her blog along with some great full body shots! lol


  1. I'm SO glad you enjoyed the night out! It was so fun to surprise & spoil you! You deserve it! The pictures you took are great... you are so talented! Please let me know if you need anything before Baby Logan comes!

  2. aww thanks! It was just so nice I can barely describe it!

  3. What a wonderful surprise! What great friends you must have to do that for you.