Sunday, January 3, 2010

Works in Progress...

I'm working as much as I can while waiting for client measurements on lots of projects. I started my "use all my yarn in 2010" resolution today by making a super easy project...wool dryer balls! Couldn't think of much else to do with itchy, super felt-able wool! Hopefully they will come in useful with the rest of my laundry routine. More than likely, I'll find them stashed in the ball tub and designated as a toy.

Next I'm working on Reagan's birthday sweater. He specifically asked me for another special sweater like the first Tomten sweater I knitted him. This time I'm using a blue/heather combination from Marr Haven wool. I have intentions of lining it so it can be more of a spring jacket. T Rex fabric is in order!
and finally a pair of "no pool" longies. I switched it up on the waistband using 2 colors found in the colorway and natural. I hope I don't run out of yarn! I might have to be creative and add stripes or just call it a day and do capris/board shorts.

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