Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've been playing with dyes again and finally feeling inspired to "try" some new colorways. I've made a new g/n summer colorway with doing things a bit opposite than I normally do. This time, I just pulled colors I like together and that I had stock dyes made for, and went with it. I'm naming it "Connemara" as it reminds me of the Irish Isles and the little yellow flowers that bloom over the hills.

I also made another Vintage Linen series dyes. I love to dye this way and see how the wool decides how to mix the colors. Plus, it is fun to knit! No pooling...and little color pop surprises!

Next, I am trying to get just right and it isn't there yet. I've got some issues with the intensity of the orange I used. When I get some more yarn from the suppliers in this week, I'll try it again. The colorway was inspired by Posie Gets Cozy, a blog/site/author I really enjoy reading about. Her overall crafty-ness is very inspiring.

To see how it knits up, I made up a Moebius. It was a fun, quick knit and looks like something that would be great to stock on Tree Frog Knits for Valentines Day. The pattern is posted.

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  1. Totally meant to post this earlier but just realized I had forgotten...oops! I purchased the Posie V.2 and it is so beautiful! I cannot wait to come up with just the right project to knit it up. I love love love it :)