Thursday, January 7, 2010

A quick hat and a wip...

I have a goal to use up as much of my yarn I have in "stock" in my yarn room (as my boys affectionately call my space) before I allow myself to hoard some more. Earlier I posted that I used up two skeins of easily felted wool to make dryer balls. I got them finished, couldn't be easier, using instructions on The Goodmama, and was right...they are more functional as "boulders" according to the majority of the gentlemen in my house.
<----see on the tracks! Look out!!
I had a gift to make a friends little girl and used it as another way to stash bust. I made a Tickle Hat with some modifications because I didn't have enough wool to complete the gnome like top. I think it turned out sweet! This is for a one year old. I assumed her head was about 17-18" as she is a cushy girl. I followed my pattern until I had 4.5" from cast on edge, started decreasing evenly in sets of 12. Once I reached 49 sts remaining, I had little yarn I decreased every row which gave me a nice flat top. I also alternated natural as I needed to extend the colorway and used purl stitches to set off some texture. last stash busting project in its infancy...a textured baby blanket. I have plans to back it with OBV and edge it with satin edging. I hope to get it down before Logan arrives!

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