Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not any better

Well there you go.  More than a month since I last posted.

Yep.  Still can't get myself to be better at blogging.

What have we been up to?  A lot.  Playing outside.  Getting the garden ready.  School work.  Violin.  Reading and reading and reading.  Visiting family.  School things.  Boy things.  Family things. Our first horse show (that I forgot to take my camera to). 

Me?  A lot.  A lot of knitting.  A lot of mothering.  A lot of time without the hubs.  A baby shower.  Lots of baby girl knitting.  Hexipuff blanket makings -+ 370 of them now.  A quilt.  Bunting.  Fun stuff!! 

Next up?  A shawl for a friend. More hexipuffs- so close to being done.  A quilt for Reagan.  Play shorts.  Mending.  Garden plantings.  A charity knit with my favorite bright spring green.

Fun spring things.


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