Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Farmer

Currently ---

::The wee one is so into his tractors, trucks, and construction vehicles that he can't even drop his brothers off to school without at least a tractor and wagon. All of them are out.  All the time.  My home looks like I have booby traps between the Lego projects and the farming implements. 

:: mending, mending, and more mending.  My boys will soon have patches with a few bits of jeans left.  I got a fist pump today from the oldest when he saw his football patch. 

:: Reagan had his second violin concert this Sunday.  He played "Happy Farmer" for his solo.  Such a big boy.

::  The first canning of the year happened.  14 half pints plus a few pints of strawberry jam.  Logan has deemed eating the "foam" from the cooking strawberries - "Num vommm Mama".  I had to peel his undershirt from his chest tonight.  Apparently, foam is also a fantastic glue. 

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