Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In a pot

This afternoon the niblit and I went to the medium Mason's school to do a bit of dyeing.

I get the previlige of playing with kindergarteners and dye.  What fun!

We started off by planning our soon-to-be dyed skeins with watercolor paints in just the colors of red, yellow, blue, and green.  With these 4 paints, the children experimented in mixing colors (even though they have been studying this) and how their colors were going to be ordered.  Once it was their turn, they got to dye it up!  It was interesting to me which child followed their plan and which child didn't.

My child followed his plan.  I had to laugh at that since he is N O T that type of child.  I guess he has seen mama do this waaayy too many times!

By the 10th child, we were done and it was time to go.  I was pleased at the lack of mess and how well they turned out!  I'm excited for them to see.  Next we use the skeins for finger knitting and then onto needle knitting.

Completely unrelated to the above commentary on knitting, but I've found an awesome pizza crust.  Pizza crust is one of those things that I've failed at more times than I can count!  Last night we had a summer pesto and alfredo pizza and tonight was a bbq cowboy pizza.  Yes, the crust is that good!  Make it! <--link

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