Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well.  Hello there.

I've been getting "flack" about not keeping up on the happenings over here.  

We've finished Christmas.  It was great.  It was long.  We are just now recovered.

We've finished our kitchen remodel.  I'm so happy that it is done.  

I finished a sweater.  And almost knee socks.  Both a feat for me.  

I've n o t finished a lot of things.  

The littlest niblit of mine is not napping.  Not napping niblit makes for a long day for mama.  L o n g days.  

We are getting by though.  

Dressing in layers of wool and snow pants - off "hiking" (his new favorite word next to Happy Birthday) through the woods and trespassing where ever we feel we need to go. 

I'll try and do better here.  I have ideas all the time but then the smallest one darts off through the brush like a rabbit and the chase is on.  Maybe tomorrow I say :)




Not finished...not using my camera...Instagrams




new quilt


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