Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cruising Right Along

Phase one (of a ton) of construction is over. The floor has been extended and is now put into good use.  We now have an eat-in kitchen/great room.  The space now feels better. More inviting.  More usable. 

This past weekend Nathan built me a "custom" table for under $30.  I had originally wanted a table with X legs and a bar in the middle for stability.  But, in the space we had for it, the table was just going to be too busy looking.  I don't know why I even kicked around that idea.  I always like things plain and simple.

With a quick shopping trip and a Sushi lunch for a special medium boy of ours, materials were purchased and a table was built.

If you know our little Logan, you can bet he was in on it.  Drill, saw, and hammer in hand.  He helped and stayed up late until the job was done.  Happy boy.  In fact, all the kids were into it.  I guess that is what happens when their favorite shows are on HGTV. 

I sanded it down and gave it a coat of primer ( a recomendation from the 6 year old) and painted it with the same paint as our trim and soon to be new cabinets.

The four of us love eating here. I like to eat there too.  I get to sit down rather than run around going back and forth.  I'm sure when Nathan gets back he will like it too.

Perfect. It was just what my family needed. 

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  1. love the new table... and as a mom who has a little builder... I also love the photo of your young one with a drill and round saw.... he's prepared for any building project (big or small!).