Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our boys had such a fun Halloween!  We are lucky that a good friend of ours hosts a really fun Halloween party.  There were a lot of kids there!  Managed chaos to say the least but super fun.  Trick or treating in a large group seems to be the way to do it.  It makes it fun for all of us.

The boys wanted Star Wars for a while now.  Reagan was Captain Rex, Mason was Handsome Han Solo ( the handsome part was important to him) and Logan was Chewbaca.

Who needs guns?  I don't and have none.  Can you tell why?  Fingers work just as well.

Star Wars was a big theme with a lot of little kids (and some adults) this year.  Just in our group we had quite a bunch!

All the kids together.

I didn't make any costumes this year which made me a little sad.  The only thing I did was to paint stripes on ribbon and sew them to Mason's pants.  We also spray painted the empty gun holster for Mason.  Pretty easy.

Logan thought Trick or Treating was great.  He loved being part of the group and walked almost the entire time.  He also loved his costume and strutted around like the cutie he knows he is.

The Candy Fairy came last night and whisked all the candy away and replaced with little gifts.  Boys were up early so I'm going to assume today will be a long, hungover-from-candy-day.


  1. OMG Kristi, your boys are so adorable <3 I'm with you on the no guns ;)

  2. You almost had your own Star Wars cast!!! Nothing better!!! No guns around here, either, but the grand-boys made my yardsticks into grand light sabers.