Monday, November 14, 2011

Around Here

Around here...

- I've not taken a lot of photos lately.  I need to get better about that!  It seems that I'm so in the moment that I'm not getting the moments on film

- My baby did break his elbow.   After seeing a pediatric specialist, it was confirmed (rather easily -geez - even I saw it) that he did indeed break his elbow.  An innocent accident with his medium brother being helpful.  In 3 weeks it comes off and he should be good to go.  We are lucky it was as simple as it is.

- I'm so so so behind on my Christmas knitting that I'm feeling the panic now.  Plus my medium child wants a soft, green sweater that is not going as fast as I had hoped.  Neither is that Christmas sweater.  Yikes.  Panic!

- I've been uber motivated lately cleaning and organizing my home.  Since Nathan and I decided to no longer mess with garage selling and to strictly donate, I've been in a frenzy donating things we no longer need, things that are taking up space, and things that we really don't love but someone else might.  Even my boys are in the mood to donate toys and clothes.  I'm really trying to minimize what we have and it feels really freeing to give it up.    Bags and bags and bags and bags.  My closet is quite small now and organized by color.  I love it.

- I'm amazed and awed by The Zero Waste Home.  Wow.  Lots of great ideas.  Love the video. 

- This bin idea has worked so well for my crew in the mornings and night.  It has eliminated the need to find a place to hang jammies and have clothes ready to go in the morning.  I hang them off of the closet door handles so they are off the floor and easy to reach and see.

...What is going "around" with you?

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  1. We went through a broken leg when my little one was almost two...thank goodness they heal so quickly!! The rest of your post made me smile. We've been going through closets and donating too. Love the bins for clothes...I use a big one (with 7ish bins) for my 1st grade daughter. We lay out clothes for the week to make the mornings a wee bit easier ;)