Monday, September 12, 2011

Already over

How did the weekend go so fast?  How is it already the middle of Monday? 

This past weekend seemed to go in a blur.  I'm not sure why that is - but with three very busy little boys, it happens more often than not.

Friday night had me watching my mom show the "old man" horse and cheering her on as she won.  Way to go mom!  You really did look fantastic!

Saturday had us at a soccer game and Nathan scraping tons of moss off of our roof.  After much scolding and a few nasty remarks, he finally got off of the roof and stuck to the ladder.  I got to spend my day organizing (for the 100th time) my craft closet and shelf.  It looks better now. 

Saturday also had to make a radical change for Reagan and his lack of good behavior.  Bye bye all Lego's.  Bye bye Star Wars.  Bring back imaginative play.  Earn back what you want.  We already see a difference.  I think with school starting, we've all had to really adjust.  Apparently, Nathan and I were not adjusting right for him. Maybe we'll be on the right track now.  I hope so - I miss my sweet boy.

Sunday had us at Sunday schools, Nathan at a soft ball game, and me and the not-so-great-nappers working on quiet activities.  One of my many lofty goals this week is to put together a treasure box of sorts for Logan to have when we do big kid activities/crafts.  I have yet to find a good groove with him. 

Sunday had Mason deciding to write Aunt Jane and Uncle Ryan an "email".  He wanted to put the email in the mail box too.  It was really fun seeing him motivated.  What started out with him sounding out and actually writing the word "dear" in his own way (which promptly had me about weeping with pride) and then it turned into him writing the entire alphabet out by himself with only the letter chart as a guide.  He was so proud of himself.  Mason seems to create the same way he talks - one thing to another with no stopping.  By the end, it was no longer an email but something to save forever.  

Late Sunday afternoon took us on an "adventure" hike (as the boys call it) through the woods of Allerton.  A collection of rocks, twigs, leaves, and tons of acorns came home with us.  We could spend all day there.  I know I could when I get to hold my sweet boy's hand. 

Now I just need another day to recover from the weekend.  Instead, I get almost a whole week of single parenting.  Wish me luck.  Its been a while.  Amazing how easily it is to get out of shape of being the mommy and daddy at all once. 

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  1. So sad Reagan has been naughty but glad I'm not alone. We have not gotten into a groove with Al at all yet in the afternoon and evenings. He's been so bad. Last night it was 3 hours of either crying, being scolded, screaming, whining, or asking to be held.

    SO many amazing things going on at your house!!! What fun! call us next time you go to Allerton. We had our second weekend there. Cant get enough!