Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My latest finished project was so much fun. It was the hardest and most consistently labor intensive knit I've yet to do.  And it was so worth it.

The Catkin shawl was really intimidating at first.  5 charts, 9 pages long, 3 hours just to do the swatch...made me quite nervous.  It wasn't something that I could do watching TV or when my kids were happily playing around me.  It had to be at night when all was quiet.

I'm always amazed at how shawls look when they are on and right off the needles.  Blocking with wires is is a new skill I've acquired with venturing out into the world of shawl knitting.

It takes some time to get the wires right and I have a tendency to forget what the pattern's designer wants you to end up with and over block angles.  I think it took me well over a half an hour to get this one just right.

I'm not sure who this is for.  I really want to keep it for myself even though it was *possibly* for someone else.  I feel like it is really a work of art and am quite proud that I actually did it.   We'll see.  It might be under the tree or (more than likely) wrapped around me.


  1. I'm not normally a shawl person.. but that is gorgeous! I love the detail along the bottom edge!

  2. found my way here from your Rav page. I am so impressed with how quickly you finished this, and what an amazing job you did! I can only hope mine will turn out as well...now just to cast on!