Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After a busy weekend

After a busy weekend, we are slowly getting back to the rhythm of things.  Like most of the midwest, we have been hammered by rain.  Luckily, we were given Saturday and Sunday almost rain free and we took advantage of it. 

Plus, Nathan's parents were here for a scant day and a half - so we were able to take advantage of them too!!  Plant shopping and more yard work.

Nathan has put a lot of work into our yard this year.  I hope I can keep it up while he is away with work! 

All the boys like being outside so much.  Baby Logan especially.  He points to go outside all day and looks out the window often.  I just wish his allergies would be so willing to go out as well.

Easter morning was quiet for us with just morning church service and a day of desserts since we gave them all up for Lent.  The boys found their baskets and were excited to play with their new games.  We all felt rather ill by the night though.  We did a good job of giving up sweets and most processed food and after the weekend of indulging, we all didn't fair so well.  Now I just have to get all the junk back out of the house!

Trying to take a picture of all three of them is nearly impossible.  Logan has no patience for sitting still and Mason seems to be unable not to look like he belongs in a circus.  I finally had to show Mason what he looked like with crossed eyes and weirdo smile.  I hope it finally clicked that he is not cute at all that way.  At least he tried for me once.

And finally over the few days, I managed to finish a knit.  A fresh spring green for my littlest man.

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  1. love the knit!

    i think if i managed to get sweets out of my house that long, i wouldn't be brave enough to bring them back in ;-) glad you got your sweet tooth fulfilled though!