Sunday, January 5, 2014

An extra day of break

With a snow storm currently blowing like mad outside, boys playing with Dad downstairs, and the littlest finally succumbing to a nap (after an exceptionally fussy afternoon), it seems like a perfect time to do a blog post!  It is on my list of things to do more regularly and now that we are starting our new adventure with our mini-farm, there will be a lot more to share! 

Our break from school for the holidays has been fun.  Long...but fun!  We started off before Christmas with visiting Nathan's parents and then back home for Christmas, followed by visiting my family.  It was more than wonderful to see everyone.  Next year I plan on either getting lots of B12 shots or living in a bubble so I'm not sick the entire time my niece is here! 

This Christmas brought us, thanks to my Mom and Dad, our first new animal to the farm, Carwyn!  She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is just the sweetest thing.  Like a true member of the family, she has already been to the emergency room (via our sweet neighbor's Lab) for being a bit too bold with her puppy bites.  Luckily it wasn't as bad as it looked and she no longer nips to hard. 

Naughty puppy.

Before the blizzard and the low temperatures (-15!!), we were able to do some farm work on our fence line.  Our goal is to be able to put up new fencing next fall and with the 40 odd years of growth to work through, we're going to need all of the time we can get.  We were grateful for even 2 days to work outside before the weather hit.  There will be so much to do come Spring!

Chicken house plans are steadily coming along as well.  We decided on an "old" style chicken house- the "half monitor".  There are so many plans for small coops online but we are anticipating 15-20 layers and finding those seems a bit more difficult.  We've got anxious little builders here and they are ready to start farming!

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