Tuesday, February 28, 2012

around here

Around here, it has seemed very busy.

One of those one step forwards, 4 steps back. 

The house is littered with art projects.   I bought  few new blank books that have been keeping the older boys in the quite busy - when they are not cutting up things to create scenes.  Scenes are big here thanks to Uncle Brandon.  If you are going to grow up to be a cartoonist/ninja/jedi/paleontologist/painter/builder/chef you have to start early. 
 Logan has discovered the joy of stickers and is very intent on decorating all kinds of things.  I am pleased with this as it is such a good fine motor skill and great for him to keep his attention with.  I am not please to find these stickers all over.

I finally chopped off a lot of hair.  I know, pretty exciting stuff. 

We are trying to spend as much time as we can outside.  Right now it is raining (thankfully - we need it) but it should be warm enough tomorrow for some good ol' puddle splashing and hanging out on the screened porch.

A sweet pink sweater and booties are finished and ready to be sent. My cousin's wife had a baby girl and in following my Nana's tradition, I made something knitted (of course!).  I also have been waiting for a while to give them this book - Because A Bug When CHOO! as it talks about a boat named Mary Lou.  Since the boat he has is named Mary Lou, I think it is quite fitting.  My boys love this story and they were excited to send it in the mail.

I bought a set of child chairs for the playroom and I've only gotten as far as them being out of the box.  Logan, in all of his new 2 year old glory, wont let me build them. The pieces are way too fun for him to haul around and stack, line up, jump on, and otherwise drive me crazy with. I'm sure once they are built he will be ticked off at me for taking those pieces away and covertly sabotage the new chairs.

Tonight I played the theme music to Star Wars, turned off the lights, and gave the boys glow sticks while in the bath tub.  That was fun! 

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