Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yarn Along

Following Ginny's Yarn Along at Small Things where we share our latest knits and reads...

In the basket this week, I'm starting to work on my littlest's fall wardrobe of knitted pants.  I've got a lot to knit him, lucky little man.  I plan on doing several pairs with an elastic waistband for easy changing.  Of my three, he is the most difficult to change diapers.  It is like a wrestling match every time and of course he takes them all off so he has to be in good ol' pins.  These pair will be made with Marr Haven Merino Ramboulette dyed in a simple tan to go with everything. I'm trying something new with them to reduce bulk by knitting the inside of the waistband in worsted gaia and then I plan to switch it on the outside of the waistband to the Marr Haven. 

I'm still working on Organized Simplicity.  The statistics of TV watching and mindless use of technology is staggering to me.  The TV doesn't personally lure me in but I can spend way too many hours on the computer.  I know I've had to really take myself away from many online "groups" I participated in when I noticed how much time it was taking away from my home life.  Making that commitment was hard, but it sure was worth it.  I'm enjoying this book.  So far it has a lot of good discussion topics for my husband and I. 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to!

On a side note...I am looking for a needlepoint/embroidery pattern of a woman in braids doing handwork. I usually see in in red thread.  I know it is in a picture in Soulemama's book and I've seen it online often.  I want it!   Anyone know what it is called?  :)


  1. I know what you mean. I'm finding that I don't turn the TV on that often during the day, but I am terrible about my computer usage.

  2. you like the elastic waistband longies better than a simple ribbed waistband? i like the idea of knitting all the pants in tan so they match anything and everything!

  3. That yarn looks so comfy! I'm trying to dial back my computer usage as well; haven't read Organized Simplicity yet, but it sounds good!

  4. I've been knitting all of my little man's pants with elastic waistbands lately too. In fact I just did up a swatch for some tan colored ones in a yarn that I dyed with walnut for the same reason as you-- they go with everything! :) I like the elastic waist for him because he tends to untie the drawstring ones no matter what I do. And what does he do once he gets them untied?? Put them in his mouth of course! :)

  5. I'm working my way through Organized Simplicity too and it's been really making me THINK HARD about a lot of my choices. In an effort to stay motivated on the organizational front (one of my weakest skills), I've been planning to use my new blog as a way of holding myself accountable, so I posted my first entry about it this week. Anyway, I'm so thrilled to find another knitter who is reading it and would love to see more of your thoughts on the book or on the challenge of organized simplicity. Thanks :)

  6. argh. this book has been in my world lately. and i missed it when it came in the library for my turn! will have to order it again!