Friday, October 16, 2009

Semi Scrappies ???

There actually is a story behind these longies and I'm feeling long winded. Even though I have knitted with Cestari Superfine Merino wool (lovely stuff) countless times...these longies have reminded me that gauge can suddenly change. So there I was happily knitting and with out pooling stress listening to my ipod books knitting away for a solid pink custom. I get to the 19" rise on a 24" hip and go to double check my measurements...when my heart stops. Somehow, this yarn, which was on the same huge cone as other knits, was completely off of my 4.75 sts per inch that I usually get. It was more of a 5 sts per inch. That might not seem a bunch, but yes, it was not what my wonderful customer wanted and now, I have a pink top that I simply can not rip all the way out without passing out or loosing my supper.

Luckily, I had dyed a lot of yarn for this project expecting me to use more than I usually do. I put this top aside to figure it out later (which is unlike me as I am not good at doing multiple projects at once) and started again. I was able to finish another pair of solid, baby pink longies with what I had and now I have this to turn into something.

I have scraps that I've dyed for various projects and I have a hard time dealing with leftover yarns. I want to use them all. I don't like to see them unloved and in a tub waiting to be played in. So I made half scraps. The pockets were planned out in advance with cute bead work that I was unable to make look smooth and sleek and not toddler like. Maybe next time. Cuffs were new to me too. Elizabeth Zimmerman is in my head all the time and I'd like to venture into the pattern knitting area one of these days.

Still...I feel this might need some more accessories...maybe a hat? I still have lots of lonely scraps that need a home.

Before adding a drawstring per suggestions:

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